Waves of the Spirit

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The following is a session of the Dunamis Fellowship International Annual Meeting in Black Mountain, NC on January 26th,2013 summarizing moves of the Spirit throughout history.

Doug McMurray gives a brief history of moves of the Holy Spirit, showing how the Holy Spirit is a “west moving wind” and connected PRMI’s work in Asia to the Lord’s current move to take the gospel back to Jerusalem.

Purchase the book Forgotten Awakening by Douglas McMurry.

Taking the Gospel of Jesus where the Church is not!

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When Laura and I were sent as PC US missionaries to Korea and then to Taiwan, we were given no spiritual equipping for the work. On the mission field we learned how much we needed Jesus in moment by moment relationship. We experienced the truth that we could do nothing without the infilling of the Holy Spirit undergirded by an anointed prayer life. We discovered listening evangelism and effective spiritual warfare were crucial to the undertaking.

The last 25 years of developing the Dunamis training have prepared PRMI to provide the spiritual equipping necessary for missionaries to be effective in their witness to Jesus Christ. It has been my prayer during this quarter century that we could host an event for missionaries as they embark on their missions.

Under the tent at the COC. Note: faces of missionaries are purposely kept indistinct.  Many ask that their names and pictures not be publicized because of the dangerous areas into which they are going.

Under the tent at the COC.
Note: faces of missionaries are purposely kept indistinct. Many ask that their names and pictures not be publicized because of the dangerous areas into which they are going.

After a year of prayer and planning, we began to see that prayer answered at the Spiritual Dynamics of Global Mission event (June 9-16). We packed out the COC. We even had to set up our tent! Almost 60 missionaries including children attended. Most of them are Evangelical Presbyterian Church’s World Outreach workers. Many others who participated are veterans of PRMI’s short term Dunamis trips. They benefited from the event doubly since they also helped to staff it. Life in Abundance, a mission to the poorest places on Earth, was also represented. Read the rest of this entry »

What the PC (USA) General Assembly Did now to dishonor the Lord Jesus Christ

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What the PC (USA) General Assembly Did now to dishonor the Lord Jesus Christ

By Rev. Dr. Brad Long

The Rev. Dr. Brad Long

The Rev. Dr. Brad Long

I attended PC (USA) General Assemblies every year from 1990 until the year 2001. That final year for me, 2001, was the year the war for the soul of the PC(USA) was lost, in my opinion, the year that biblical faith was set aside and liberal progressivism was hailed in its place. The continual erosion of scriptural authority since then resulted, not surprisingly, in the 2014 GA, held end of June in Detroit, voting to reject the Bible’s teaching on marriage. Shocking yes, but given the 2001 victory for regressives, it was to be expected.

I said it at the time and now bolstered by the facts I will say it again. The war was lost in 2001!

What happened in 2001? Attending the 218th General Assembly in Louisville, commissioners could not decisively reject the apostasy of the 2000 Peace Making Conference in which the keynote speaker’s theme was “What’s the big deal about Jesus?” Dirk Ficca, a Presbyterian minister, thumbed his nose at Jesus’ own claims to be the way, the truth and the lIfe, the only way to God the Father. PRMI joined the Presbyterian Lay Committee, other Presbyterian renewal groups and, in the end more than 1300 congregations nationwide to stand firm in our biblical faith and in our confession that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior and that the Bible is the Word of God and our authority.

On the floor of the assembly, the faithful bore witness to the Lord by sending up judicial actions and making petitions, all to no avail. The Confessing Church Movement which the Holy Spirit had ignited only a few months earlier was rebuffed by the GA leadership. In the realm of the Spirit this was bad enough, but the crowning blow came when Commissioner Rev. Gerrit Dawson of Western North Carolina Presbytery brought an overture to the floor asking the assembly to reject the apostasy expressed in the Peace Making Conference of 2000 and instead to affirm the “singular, saving Lordship of Jesus Christ.”

I am never going to forget that day. The overture was debated for over three hours. I watched as presidents of Presbyterian seminaries (with the notable exception of Dr. Tom Gillespie of Princeton), former GA moderators and many of the liberal leaders of the denomination rejected this simple affirmation of our historic faith as written in our Creeds and Confessions, declaring it to be too narrow, not inclusive enough. Evangelicals also stood and affirmed their faith by pointing out repeatedly that the overture was simply a reaffirmation of the foundation of biblical Christian faith which has marked true Christian faith since the beginning. In the end, we did not have the votes.

The overture was sent to a study committee. Later, when the report came back, it was agreed that Jesus was unique. All language of His singular, saving Lordship was eliminated. Unique? Yes, you and I say, Jesus is uniquely the singular saving Lord, but unique was all they could say? For that matter, Buddha and Mohammed are both unique! Of course, Scripture has an answer: Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved. (Act 4:12)

Study papers may be worthwhile on some things, but on Jesus? In the realm of the spirit, the PC (USA) as denomination was given the chance to correct its apostasy. It failed to do so by voting against the overture.

I will never forget meeting my brother in Christ, Gerrit Dawson, in the hallway after the vote, weeping bitterly and repeating in grief and astonishment, “They could not affirm that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior.”

Jesus says clearly, Matthew 10:32-33. “Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven. But whoever disowns me before others, I will disown before my Father in heaven.”

Now, when a formal governing body of a denomination misses a moment to affirm its faith in Jesus Christ, and instead denies its historic faith, it is more than just a vote. Indeed, it is a formal action taken in the spiritual realm, which in this case, opened the doors wide for Satan and his demonic host to work with the willing, especially those in leadership, to choose not to bow before Lord Jesus. This formed a very powerful demonic stronghold within the very leadership structure of the PC (USA). The stronghold had been building for years, actually going back to the Auburn Declaration of 1837 and continuing through the Modernist/Fundamentalist Controversy in the 1920s and 1930s. The failure of 2001 sealed the deal—the war was lost.

From that point in 2001 the stronghold of liberal progressivism gained more power and influence. One decision after another dismantled the theological and doctrinal basis for the PC (USA) to claim its membership in the Church Universal.

Few people were aware of what happened in the realm of the spirit that decisive day in the war between Truth and falsehood. But PRMI’s intercessors who prayed to cover the assembly in the Holy Spirit’s protection experienced it firsthand. Some of them said afterward that It was like climbing a mountain using ropes securely fastened to the mountain side, when suddenly the mountainside gave way, the pitons came loose, and all hopes were dashed in the abyss below. Our prayers for the PC (USA) to be renewed in the Holy Spirit and to be restored to its first love of biblical faith in Jesus Christ had no further basis because that faith had been intentionally and publically denied.

Satan swept in and attacked the intercessors with a vengeance. Nearly a year would pass before most of them could recover from that attack. And to date, some have not recovered completely.

The decisive battle in the realm of the spirit was lost which was the decisive battle in the war. The Holy Spirit showed us at PRMI that we were no longer to pray for renewal of the denomination and were no longer to do battle in the heavenlies for the PC (USA) as denomination. Such corporate rejection of Jesus Christ meant there was no further grounding for our prayers. Of course, we were called to ongoing prayer for the faithful remnant and to offer them equipping to cooperate more effectively with the Holy Spirit to accomplish Jesus’ ministry.

From that 2001 GA, when the PC (USA) leadership chose not to confess Jesus Christ, we have looked on in sorrow as the demonic stronghold due to willful apostasy has enabled the leadership to consolidate its control and bind the denomination to demonic deception.

There is no room here to enumerate the many cases of apostasy over the last decade plus.

In closing, allow me to draw attention to an action taken in Detroit which was overshadowed by the votes to redefine marriage and oppose Israel by divesting in corporations doing business with Israel.

Commissioners knowingly voted down an overture calling for teaching and ruling elders to promise to be “obedient to the Scriptures” rather than to be “guided by the Scriptures” which is the current language of the ordination vow. If there had been any doubt before, let it be known by all that the Spirit of Rebellion does indeed have its talons firmly tearing into the flesh of the 501c3 nonprofit called Presbyterian Church (USA).

What to do?

I am a member of the PC (USA) and I am struggling as to what I am to do. You too must continue to wrestle with your responses. The following are considerations the Holy Spirit brings to my mind.
You, of course, are aware of the many Christians and congregations before us who over the years have taken decisive actions, either to stay and confess or to disaffiliate from the PC (USA). You may have already taken that step. The great hemorrhage began in the 1960s and has ebbed and flowed as the denomination’s straying has caught evangelicals’ attention.

Each of us must decide how we are called to be faithful to Jesus, our first love. He may direct some of us to stay and to profess Christ faithfully within a faithless denomination. Some may be called to leave and join another Reformed body. However Jesus calls each of us and our congregations, I believe, He wants us to make sharp distinctions and clear decisions, rather than passively looking on as it happens to us.

If we are called to stay, we must come to regard ourselves as the prophetic minority, that is, out of love for the Lord Jesus and His Church, to live in a state relentless and bold resistance to the apostasy. What is the form of our resistance? We must be fearless and wise, empowered and led by the Holy Spirit in to decisively name and to stand against falsehood and to continue to confess the biblical faith once and for all passed on to us. We must be filled with the Holy Spirit for love as well as power in our bold proclamation in words and deeds of our faith in Jesus Christ.

By definition, further conflict will ensue. Both human and demonic opposition to our efforts are inevitable. Remember that what Jesus told us in Mat 10:34-38 “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace but a sword…”

If we stay and confess, we must also be careful that our in our efforts to show love and work for peace and unity we do not become co-collaborators with the oppressors of true faith.

Pray for me as I seek the Lord’s guidance. I will pray for you as well.

Would the Early Church be Able to Recognize the American Church?

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Jesus - Creationswap - Charisma Magazine

Would the Early Church be Able to Recognize the American Church? (CreationSwap-Charisma Magazine 2014)

Click on the link above to go to the article in Charisma Magazine.

Note from Brad Long on this article from Charisma Magazine:

I really liked this article. This describes very well the PRMI approach and what we are building into our Equipping Streams of the Dunamis Institute.

For more information about PRMI’s Equipping Streams, click here.

Does It make a difference?

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Does being Baptised with the Holy Spirit make a difference? YES!!!
By Sandy Shaw

This is a very personal story. It is part of my spiritual journey and testimony – yes, only part – but as one significant experience took place 45 years ago this Sunday, I thought it expedient to put it down in back and white. What I share with you is real and it lasts!

It brought me amongst leaders from various parts of the world. These were men of God who knew what leadership was all about and what was involved, and it has been a tremendous privilege to have learned from these men, particularly in the 1970′s and 80′s.

Let me take you back to one Sunday night when I was 8 years of age. I was in bed but playing at ministers, announcing Psalms and Hymns and reading the Bible. My mother came through and told me to “Go to sleep.” I asked for “Five minutes more” which was granted. Read the rest of this entry »

Pray Summer 2014

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To: All of our friends who love Jesus, want to see equipping in the power of the Holy Spirit, and share the vision of the empowering work of the Holy Spirit.

Rev. John Chang and Dr. Brad Long teaching

Rev. John Chang and Dr. Brad Long teaching in Taiwan

Each time we go through a strategic season of ministry for the Kingdom of God, we end up with major spiritual warfare. You’ve likely seen it in your own work in cooperating with the Holy Spirit. Once again, PRMI seems to be in one of those periods of counter attack in which we need prayer for guidance, protection and financial provision.

Please pray for us – the ministry and people of PRMI!

1) Pray for protection – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Pray for staff and their families. Also pray for protection, physically and spiritually, for the Community of the Cross.

The staff of PRMI

The staff of PRMI

2) For Chris Walker and his family as they move from Panama back to the US and Chris transitions into an expanded role with PRMI.

The Walker Family

The Walker Family

3) Pray that if there is any “sin in the camp” on our part blocking God’s provision, or if we have in any way missed the guidance of the Holy Spirit that it will be revealed to us and we can get back on the right track.

4) Pray that the “Goliath, clothed in black” that one of our board members saw in a prayer vision will be bound in the name of Jesus Christ.

5) Pray for freedom from distractions – conflicts, “rabbit trails”, anything that uses up time and energy that is not accomplishing God’s purposes.

6) It seems that there is a stranglehold on our finances. The result is that our PRMI ministry staff has missed three paychecks. We are way behind and do not have enough money to pay for airline tickets for strategic ministry events here in the USA and Canada starting in August and September. Pray for release of the Lord’s provision and discernment about anything that is getting in the way.

7) There has been so much recent work to advance the kingdom of God. We see God equipping the Chinese to take the Gospel to the Muslim world. Pray that there is not interference with how God is using PRMI to train the Chinese.

Please share your prayers and discernment via the comments section below.

Jesus has told us to ask in faith. Pray that we have the faith to receive everything He has for us.

In Jesus Christ,
Brad Long
Executive Director, PRMI

P.S. If the Lord is leading you to donate a gift, please visit our Donate Summer 2014 page.

Cooperating with the Holy Spirit in Taiwan

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Cooperating with the Holy Spirit in Taiwan
By Brad Long

Thanks for your prayers while we were in Taiwan offering Unit # 2 of the Dunamis Project. I wrote this on the way to the airport to fly home after preaching three times Sunday morning at the Jung Shao Road Presbyterian Church in Taichung and enjoying a wonderful closing feast.

Looking back on this week I am amazed. Out of many high points, I share with you four which are good illustrations of learning to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

Brad Long greeting Dr Li, former President of Taiwan

Dr. Brad Long greeting Dr Li, former President of Taiwan

The first was preaching in a large traditional, packed out Taiwan Presbyterian Church in Taipei. John Chang preached the first service in Taiwanese. John’s preaching on the four works of the Holy Spirit was empowered and well-received.

Among those attending was the past President of Taiwan, Dr. Li. More than 25 years ago I invited Dr. Li to come to the Presbyterian Lay Training Center at the Bible College to lead a Christian businessmen’s conference. He was Vice-President at the time. Meeting him again brought back great memories. Read the rest of this entry »

DR Congo Dunamis Track Launched

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DR Congo Dunamis Track Launched
By Gary Coppedge

The Dunamis Track in DR Congo is launched!  This past May 19-25 in Lubumbashi, a city of 6 million people, God’s Spirit moved in a mighty way as 150 some people came together to pray, sing, praise, study and engage with each other and with God.  

Dick Ferguson, Rod Pinder, Dialute, Gary Chorpenning, Irma Bijak, Eleanor Coppedge, Gary Coppedge, Ledia Scott – the DR Congo team joined by one of the attendees

Dick Ferguson, Rod Pinder, Dialute, Gary Chorpenning, Irma Bijak, Eleanor Coppedge,
Gary Coppedge, Ledia Scott – the DR Congo team joined by one of the attendees

The US team teachers, Rod Pinder, Gary Chorpenning, and Gary Coppedge taught the Gateways to Empowered Ministry, Dunamis Unit #1, as prayer ministers Eleanor Coppedge, Irma Bijak, Ledia Scott, and Dick Ferguson stood their posts on the walls around the room where we met.  The DRCongo team leaders Clement Mudimbi, Francois Djoma, and their colleagues did a wonderful job of preparing the way.  Logistics moved with great precision as all of us moved in synch with the Holy Spirit.  Youth choirs from across the city and beyond stirred us with their dedication and engaged presence.  Read the rest of this entry »

Igniting St Petersburg, Florida

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[We asked Guy Glass, Pastor at Cornerstone Bible Church, a 7 year old congregation of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in St. Petersburg, Florida, to share some reflections after a recent Ignite! event at his church.]

Pastor Guy Glass - Cornerstone Bible Church, St. Petersburg, FL

Pastor Guy Glass – Cornerstone Bible Church, St. Petersburg, FL

What a privilege it was for Cornerstone Church to work with the PRMI Team to host an IGNITE event for the Tampa Bay area of Florida… The focus of our IGNITE: Holy Spirit Empowering to Build Jesus’ Kingdom Now!

We were so blessed to have several churches join together with us to make this event a reality and to impact the spiritual environment of our region. Well over 100 people participated in the IGNITE weekend.

We were so blessed by seasons of passionate worship, anointed teaching, powerful encounter, life-changing manifestations and strategic impartation. Read the rest of this entry »

PRMI Partner: Spiritual Strength Training

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PRMI Partners

Jay Knoblock, Founder Spiritual Strength Training

Jay Knoblock, Founder Spiritual Strength Training

Periodically we will be featuring some of PRMI’s partners in ministry. Today, we hear from Jay Knoblock about his ministry, Spiritual Strength Training.

1) What is a spiritual trainer?  

My mission as a Spiritual Trainer is to spiritually father, train, and send out young leaders to be Spirit-empowered, Spirit-led witnesses to Jesus Christ.  I accomplish this through training individuals, small groups, and larger groups.  

Individual training
 (nearly always with men) often involves the following process:
1) Being guided by the Holy Spirit to connect with the individual.  
2) Praying and prophesying over the individual at the proper time.  
3) Sharing testimonies with each other, which draws them out.  
4) Offering to do some future mentoring/training with the individual.  
5) Letting the individual contact me if they desire to receive longer term spiritual training. Read the rest of this entry »