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PRMI Resource Center

Books and resources to grow your church, ministry, and faith.
All proceeds promote the work of PRMI to stregthen the church and reach the lost.


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Discovering Your Motivational Spiritual Gifts - Adult

Discovering Your Motivational Spiritual Gifts - Adult
Sales price: $1.00

Growing The Church In The Power Of The Holy Spirit

Growing The Church In The Power Of The Holy Spirit
Sales price: $17.00

Receiving the Power

Receiving The Power
Sales price: $14.00

Prayer That Shapes The Future

Prayer that Shapes the Future
Sales price: $13.00

Let Jesus Heal Your Hidden Wounds

Let Jesus Heal Your Hidden Wounds
Sales price: $14.00

The Collapse of the Brass Heaven

The Collapse of the Brass Heaven
Sales price: $12.00

Passage Through the Wilderness

Passage Through the Wilderness
Sales price: $12.00

Finding Your Spiritual Motivation

Finding Your Spiritual Motivation
Sales price: $10.00

The Forgotten Awakening

The Forgotten Awakening
Sales price: $14.99

Moving With The Spirit : New Articles

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  • Do you remember what you were doing last December 29th? Perhaps still recovering from Christmas celebrations or preparing for a New Year’s gathering? I will never forget where I was...

  • At the end of the year we like to take a breath, look back, and see what God has been doing. We want to share with you, in their own...

  • by Barb Ferrier In our post-Christendom culture, Jesus’ church in Canada is in the midst of challenging times. The two denominations which DFC finds most drawn to our ministry–The Christian...

  • by Mary Ellen Conners During a time of year when we want to focus on joy, love, peace, and hope, world news seems to keep intruding with “unseasonable” stories of...

Featured Resource

FireStarterBookFire Starter:The Holy Spirit Empowers

By: Philip J. Noordmans

Some fear the empowerment of Holy Spirit. Others cherish it. Most ignore it. But it is available to every Christian and essential for the gospel's advance. I am referring to the empowering dimension of the Holy Spirit's work not only in the Old Testament and the New, but also in our day.

"Usually books on the Holy Spirit have good theology and biblical teaching, but render the Third Person of the Trinity impersonal, dull, and dry. They do not draw us into the author’s lived experience.

Or, they are full of exciting experiences with the Holy Spirit, but they do not help us build a good biblical and theological foundation for understanding and cooperating with the Holy Spirit.

This book is a masterpiece of doing both. As you read, you will grow in personal experience as well as biblical understanding!"  ~ Dr. Brad Long, Executive Director of PRMI

To order the Kindle version of the book from Amazon, CLICK HERE

To order a paperback copy of the book, send an email to:

Upcoming Events

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Montrose DP 5 Spiritual Warfare

03-09-2016 5:00 PM
Location: Montrose Bible Conference

Grand Rapids DP 2 In the Spirit's Power

03-10-2016 9:00 AM
Location: Calvin College Chapel Undercroft

Milford, IA DP 4 The Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ

03-17-2016 7:00 PM
Location: Lake Okoboji - Milford IA

Holland DP 6 Listening Evangelism

04-14-2016 9:00 AM
Location: Intersection Ministries - Holland MI

DP 1 Gateways to Empowered Ministry - Black Mountain, NC

04-20-2016 5:30 PM
Location: Community of the Cross - Black Mountain NC

Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit - Black Mountain

05-09-2016 5:30 PM
Location: Community of the Cross - Black Mountain NC


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