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Partnering For God’s Glory: A Look at Partnerships in the DI

The Dunamis Institute has nearly 60 partnerships that are active or show excellent potential.  The partnerships vary from collaborating on a single event to working on a teaching ministry and strategy for an entire country or people group.  All are to reveal God’s glory.

How do partnerships with the Dunamis Institute begin?  The journey to partnership begins with a conversation between an interested person and me as partnership director.  For example, recently I connected with a former PRMI partner and current pastor ministering in New Zealand.  The next day I spoke to a friend about a possible “Ignite” (a short event providing a ‘taste’ of the Dunamis Project) on the East coast.  Later, I worked out the details for a staff member to attend a conference that will enable networking with members of a Messianic Jewish organization. From one day to the next, it’s a mystery as to who God may bring into relations with the Dunamis Institute.

Some partnerships move quickly.  For example, it’s fairly easy to schedule an “Ignite.”  Other partnerships take months to fully form.  Some are informal.  Others require formal partnership agreements.  All take prayer and effort to sort details as to what God desires.

Many partnerships focus on countries outside of the US.  The more obvious are Dunamis Fellowship Canada and The Dunamis Fellowship Britain & Ireland.  We have a strong partnership relationship with the Episcopal Church of Haiti for the purpose of conducting Dunamis projects in Haiti.  And, we have done extensive work in Indonesia and Nicaragua.  In Nicaragua, we work with Chris Walker and his team of Dunamis volunteers as they teach Young Life staff and others on the person and work of the Holy Spirit.  Currently, we have several Ignite partnerships.  In March, 2012, we will hold “Ignite” events in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Michigan.  Dunamis Projects take place in many locations throughout the world.  In the US, currently we have eight tracks including the Chinese Dunamis Project in New York, which is directed by Pastor John Chang.  Last year, we established a formal relationship with Christian Zebley, the president of Global Leadership Dynamics.  The partnership with Christian, a former director and current consultant to Alpha USA , like many of our partnerships, is ultimately focused on fulfilling the components of PMRI’s  vision statement—prayer, leadership development, growing the church, and mission outreach.

Is God prompting you to explore a partnership between your organization, church, etc., and the Dunamis Institute?  If yes, please contact me, Gary Wybenga, at (828) 545-3520 or

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