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News From the Northwest

While at the recent Exousia event in Washington state, PRMI staff were excited to hear about all the ways that the Holy Spirit has been moving in the Pacific Northwest as churches and individuals apply the teaching and equipping they receive from Dunamis events. We asked several people from this region to share their experiences so that the larger fellowship of PRMI can share the excitement, gratitude, and work of prayer for these expressions of the Spirit’s power in the Northwest. Here is the first of a series of articles – look for more in future editions of Moving with the Spirit Online.
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How a Chance Encounter Led to a Conference in Bolivia

It All Started…

It started with a “chance” encounter and a book. At the 2014 PRMI Missions Conference, I met a missionary family from Bolivia. We got to know each other before I returned to Panama where we lived. Two weeks later, I returned to the Community of the Cross for some down time. Coincidentally, the missionary’s brother, Pastor Jose Luis, was in the area with his family, visiting from Bolivia. We tracked each other down. Our families met at the Community of the Cross.
Article 2 photo 1
As we sat on the front porch where a lot of ministry has occurred, chatting away in Spanish, Jose Luis learned about Dunamis. I gave him the only Spanish language book we had in the office: Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit. Our families prayed for each other and they returned to Bolivia with a book in hand.
Article 2 photo 2
Seeds had been sown and began to take root, unbeknownst to me.
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Giving Thanks

In the US, the Thanksgiving holiday is upon us and the PRMI Ministry Team wants to give thanks for YOU and the whole international PRMI Family.

PRMI staff

PRMI staff

We are grateful for all that the Lord has done through the ministry of PRMI. We seek to help people learn how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in whatever ministry they have, so that Jesus Christ is exalted, the kingdom of God is advanced, and people can live out Acts 1:8.

As we approach the 50th anniversary of PRMI in 2016, we could express our gratitude for the thousands of people who have received Dunamis training, sent mission teams, donated financially to advance the ministry worldwide and for the Community the Cross. We’d fill a thousand emails to express our thanks for each one.
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Behind the Success of a Dunamis Project

In late October, the Dunamis Project launched in Montrose, PA in obedience to the Holy Spirit continued with the fourth event, The Healing Ministry of Jesus. Directed by Denny Finnegan, the purpose of this event was to allow participants to both receive the healing ministry of Jesus and to be a vessel for the Lord to minister through them. All told about 71 people, including the leadership team, attended this event.
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Dunamis Fellowship International: The View from Gilgal

newly appointed Associate Director of Dunamis Fellowship International

Hilary Clark – newly appointed Associate Director of Dunamis Fellowship International

I would like to invite you to attend our Annual Fellowship Meeting which will be held at the Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain Wednesday, January 20 through Sunday, January 24. Our overarching theme is “The View from Gilgal – the history and hope of a people driven by the Spirit.”

As we (PRMI) celebrate 50 years of ministry we will be both looking back and pressing forward. We are planning lots of time in worship, prayer, and fellowship, celebrating what the Lord has done in and through the DFI and praying about opportunities for 2016 and beyond. We need you to partner with us in this work of discernment and very much hope you will be able to join us.
Click here to register or contact Suzi in the office (828) 669 7373.

News From the DFI Regions

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Equipping Leaders in Korea

Brad looking up smallI want to share this story of God’s amazing work of fulfilling one vision, that of the Chinese Mobile Dunamis, as a means of helping you move into the dynamic of cooperating with the Holy Spirit to fulfill the vision that God has given us. I am convinced that this giving of vision is one of the most fundamental works of the Holy Spirit and the primary way that we are called to shape human history.

It is promised in Acts 2:17, “In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams” (NIV). It is through the gifts of prophecy, vision, and dreams that God not only allows us to see into the future but invites us as friends and coworkers to actually work with Him to create the future.

“It is so exciting to be co-creators with God!” I thought, as I looked out over the packed room of church leaders from China who had gathered in a secure location to be equipped for cooperating with the Holy Spirit.

The next prayer that came into my heart was, “This is the fulfillment of the vision that you, oh Lord, gave me in 2012 of establishing equipping bases inside and outside of China and of distributing flash drives so that each of these leaders can start their own Dunamis Schools to pass on the teaching and anointing of the Holy Spirit to others! Lord, how did this happen? Just how is it happening? As I look back, the answer to that question is important for all of us as we seek to follow Jesus and implement the vision that He may have given us.

Moving with the Spirit 1 Nov 2015--Chinese Leaders Worshipping at Equipping Conference A Taking time out from teaching for the participants to pray for the support, prayer, and teaching teams from Korea and America. (For security reasons we cannot show any of their faces.) Read More →

Exousia Continues to Build Leadership Base

How can a small staff from an office in North Carolina continue to reach more people with the basic teaching on the empowering work of the Holy Spirit that has been entrusted to PRMI? Requests are beyond our ability to fulfill in person. PRMI Staff can only accomplish so much.

Likewise, how can a group of people who have stepped through the gateway into empowered ministry and matured in their ministry approach and style be mobilized to reach the corners of the earth where more Christian believers want to be equipped?

As PRMI approaches its 50th year of equipping believers around the world for ministry roles, we need to EQUIP others to initiate new Dunamis Projects, lead tracks, teach at events, and lead the next generation into the empowering work of the Holy Spirit. Equip is one of the three main focal points of Kingdom Opportunity 2014-2016.

Moving with the Spirit 1 Nov 2015--Brad and Cindy teaching in the Pacific NW

The Exousia Leadership Development Track of the Dunamis Institute is the tool PRMI will use to raise up new teachers, new leaders, and new intercessors for the work of expanding the reach of Dunamis. Read More →

Cindy Strickler Named Director of PRMI

Several proposals were brought to the meeting of PRMI’s Board of Directors this past August. Brad Long shares:

“I proposed to the PRMI Board and the Leadership team that I step back from oversight of the overall ministry of PRMI which requires a constant balancing of the program, people and prayer to fulfill the four vision initiatives of this ministry – Prayer, Leadership Development, Growing the Church, and Mission Outreach.

The Rev. Cindy Strickler, Director, PRMI

The Rev. Cindy Strickler, Director, PRMI

We need to continue to build a structure that can discern and release people into leadership and put teams in place. In order to facilitate this process, the present Leadership Team, with my enthusiastic endorsement, proposed to the PRMI Board of Directors that the Rev. Cindy Strickler, who already serves as the Director of the Dunamis Fellowship International, be appointed Director of PRMI and Head of Staff.”

Brad adds:

“I will continue in my role as Executive Director but will step back from management and oversight of day-to-day operations. Instead I am being released to focus on specific areas where I feel the Lord’s call and anointing – to write books, prepare teaching materials, mentor and train the next generation of teachers and leaders, see that the work of the Chinese Mobile Dunamis continues forward, and establish our missionary training program with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. I also continue to hear the Lord calling me to raise up an army of intercessors to defeat the forces of Satan, currently embodied in radical Islam and to advance the Gospel into the whole Muslim world. I am not abandoning ship!”

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Announcement- Joseph Kwon to be DFK Missionary

By Ben Torrey
Dean of Korean Language Programs, Dunamis Institute
Co-Director, Dunamis Fellowship Korea
Chairman, Jesus Abbey

It is with great joy and praise to God that I have the pleasure of announcing the appointment of Joseph Kwon as a full-time faith missionary under the auspices of the Dunamis Fellowship Korea beginning June, 2015.

Joseph Kwon

Joseph Kwon

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Meeting God at UC Alaska

By Rebecca Coleman, Assistant Administrator

“Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.” Romans 12:2.

As with every Upward Challenge, this year was different than last year, but beautiful and wonderful in its own way. Last year, we completed the last of the series for Upward Challenge, so in 2015, we started back at the beginning with 4D Human. We had a refreshing bunch of new kids, including six 13-year-olds. It was gratifying to be able to provide them with the Upward Challenge foundation that they can continue to expand upon throughout the rest of their high school years.

Upward Challenge Alaska participants praying

Upward Challenge Alaska participants praying

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