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Report on Dunamis in Korea and Mobile Dunamis to China

Dunamis in Korea
Mobile Dunamis to China

By the Rev. Brad Long

In late November, a Dunamis team arrived home after two weeks of ministry in South Korea. I take this opportunity to share with you how the Holy Spirit moved among us in power there.

The first week we held a shortened version of Exousia, our leadership training event. Korean pastors and elders converged on Jesus Abbey for this important teaching which lays the foundation for the Dunamis Fellowship Korea to be formalized in March of 2015.

The following week, these same Korean partners led us to another location in South Korea to provide equipping for the Chinese Mobile Dunamis. From all over mainland China believers came to be instructed in how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to carry on Jesus’ ministry. You have heard and read about PRMI’s China Initiative. This was our initial Mobile Dunamis event for North East Asia. How these brothers and sisters journeyed to meet with us is truly inspiring. Some traveled up to eight days from across the vast expanse of China, on train and bus, on bike, sometimes on foot, spending nights in bus and train stations. Some spent up to a half year’s salary on travel costs alone. We heard that there were many other leaders desperate to receive this equipping but were blocked from coming, some for financial reasons. We trust the Lord will reveal to us how we can assist those with financial need for future events.
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Encountering The Heart of the Father

A brief report on Encountering the Heart of the Father

by The Rev. Debbie Kemp

Allen and Debbie Kemp

Allen and Debbie Kemp

After nearly 30 years in pastoral ministry, then a sabbatical with no ministry at all in 2012, Allen and I have begun to learn to live our Christian lives as sons and daughters of a Heavenly Father who dearly loves us rather than as slaves who hope that maybe we are pleasing God with our lives.

“Encountering the Heart of the Father,” a Specialized Ministry course was held at the Community of the Cross in Black Mountain, NC, Oct. 22-26. The class was small but the intimacy was conducive to personally experiencing Father pouring out His love and revelation to each of us. Topics like “The Orphan spirit,” “Why the Heart Matters” and “Types of Fathers” all led us to long to have the same intimate relationship with Abba/Father that Jesus had while on earth. Read More →

Advanced Course on Healing and Deliverance Comes To UK

Participants in the Advanced Course for Healing and Deliverance - UK

Participants in the Advanced Course for Healing and Deliverance – UK

A Brief Report – Advanced Healing and Deliverance Course – UK

by Katy Hill

The journey to bring the Advanced Course on healing and deliverance (ACHD) to the UK began in October 2010 when Graham and I began the same course in the States. Unbeknownst to us Pauline Eyles was also attending the course with the same dream of seeing the training brought back to the UK.

Following the conclusion of the course in America it was discerned by Cindy Strickler and members of DFB&I that I should be the event director. I approached others to come on board as members of the leadership team: Vernon Payne as senior mentor; Pauline Eyles as mentor; Annie Lewis as intercessor team leader; Karen Langford as worship leader (also working as an intercessor); Graham Hill as administrator and mentor. We met as a team to pray, discuss and plan the way forward to ensure that the course that was delivered in the UK maintained the essential DNA of the original course whilst adapting to the situation and circumstances in England. Read More →

Report on Haitian Dunamis

An independent, Haitian-led, self-sustaining Dunamis is our goal

By The Rev. Allen Kemp

Pere Colbert Estil, Pere Jean Jacques Deravil,  and  Pere Sadoni Leon

Pere Colbert Estil, Pere Jean Jacques Deravil, and Pere Sadoni Leon

After starting fairly well in 2013 with Gateways, led by Pere Colbert Estil, Pere Jean Jacques Deravil, and Pere Sadoni Leon, in March 2014 Dunamis 2 “In The Spirit’s Power” was a bit de-railed. The 3 priests who have been well-trained as adjunct faculty were re-assigned off the Episcopal Diocese’s Evangelism Committee and the new priests assigned to conduct and teach Dunamis had only attended a few Dunamis events and none had been trained as faculty or team members/directors. We also did not raise sufficient funds for food and there weren’t enough beds for the large crowd.

But we aren’t giving up, new life and a re-kindled vision have emerged.

In November Margie Van Meter of Michigan and Pastors Allen and Debbie Kemp of Virginia returned to Haiti to do Exousia leadership training with 8 Episcopal priests and Deacons, 6 of whom were mostly new to Dunamis. Deravil, Estil, and Leon (who could not attend this training), though no longer on the Evangelism Committee, have re-committed to making Dunamis happen in Haiti. Sadoni Leon is co-chairing the committee with newly ordained priest Rev. Marie Carmel.
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Call to Prayer for the Kingdom Opportunity 2014-2016

We are really excited to announce to you the Kingdom Opportunity 2014-2016 Prayer Guide. First, let’s review what “Kingdom Opportunity 2014-2016” is all about.

Driven by The Spirit - Kingdom Opportunity - PRMI

What is our Kingdom Opportunity and What are the Three Assets?

With Kingdom Opportunity 2014-2016 we are looking back and celebrating 50 years of vital ministry of promoting the work of the Holy Spirit. And, during the next three years we are called to prepare for the next fifty years.

As we seek to be part of extending the Kingdom of God we see the opportunity to put in place Three Kingdom Assets needed to take part in the worldwide movement of the Holy Spirit.

These three Assets are like the sails of a ship that will catch the wind of the Holy Spirit and will carry us forward toward the goal of fulfilling the Great Commission of making disciples of Jesus Christ of all nations. Read More →

Presbyterian Alphabet Soup

Presbyterian Alphabet Soup by the Rev. Dr. Rod Pinder

Rev. Dr. Rod Pinder

Rev. Dr. Rod Pinder

Since its inception in 1966, PRMI (formerly PCC) has primarily served a proverbial alphabet soup of Presbyterian and Reformed Christians: UPCUSA, PCUS, RCA, RCC, PC(USA), EPC etc. Lately a new ingredient has been added to the mix. Perhaps you’ve already heard of ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians. (It isn’t an acronym. Originally we were Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians, but that was too close to Evangelical Covenant Church, so we changed the name. We kept the tag ECO, however, because this new movement is passionate about ”strengthening the ECO- systems to support flourishing churches that makes disciples of Jesus Christ.” Besides, no one liked the tag COEP!) In two years this movement has grown from 0 to more than 150 congregations nationwide, with new churches joining regularly. Some of those churches have deep connections with PRMI. As a matter of fact, the Woodbury Church where I serve was one of two Orlando congregations to join ECO on September 7, 2014. Read More →


Rev. Tom Willcox

Rev. Tom Willcox

I had the privilege of attending the annual gathering of The FC (Fellowship Community) and ECO in Dallas, TX this last August. I was commissioned by the PRMI Board of Directors to represent PRMI at this event.

From the start, I was pleasantly surprised. As an observer, I attended an annual gathering for a new denomination, ECO (A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians, I know, it’s not an acronym. See Rod Pinder’s excellent article for more on the name.) What came as such a pleasant surprise was that the annual meeting included worship, prayer and reports of significant growth across the board, and lasted less than three hours. Read More →

Sowing into YoungLife staff in Nicaragua

Susan Finck shared this report with people who interceded for her and Chris Walker during a recent trip to Nicaragua. Hear about how the Dunamis teaching from past trips has been integrated into the lives of the leaders in YoungLife and the fruit of past ministry.

Dear Intercessors,
September 12.2014

Again I want to thank everyone who held us up in prayer as we were at the YoungLife Area
Directors’ School in Nicaragua. I noticed an enhanced spiritual perception, inner peace and stamina, particularly after the first update went out. I think Chris and I were both overwhelmed by the richness and depth of the love we experienced flowing among the leaders, toward us and from us to each of them. There were 46 in the camp, including the ‘top levels’ of leaders from Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Panama as well as the regional staff. Read More →

Why are young people attracted to the Holy Spirit?

Why are young people attracted to the Holy Spirit? The answer quite honestly is not all that different from why anyone is attracted to the Holy Spirit; because we know that we functionally need God in our lives. We need the love of our heavenly Father. We need the grace and freedom that only Jesus can give (no matter how hard we try to obtain it on our own). We need the empowerment of the Holy Spirit daily in our lives guiding us. Why? So that we may know Him and enjoy Him every day of our lives!

Praying for the Music Worship Team at Upward Challenge

Praying for the Music Worship Team at Upward Challenge

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Thank You Chase!

Chase was co-leader of Upward Challenge(UC); shown here (middle) with UC campers Benjamin, Jonathan and Andrew

Chase was co-leader of Upward Challenge(UC); shown here (middle) with UC campers Benjamin, Jonathan and Andrew

A big thank you to Chase Brouthers for interning with PRMI the past ten months! Chase participated in the AriseI student leadership program in the summer of 2013 and upon completion felt the Lord leading him to stay for further work with PRMI. Chase did administrative work as well as assisting in leadership with Upward Challenge, With the Wind and the youth component of Spiritual Dynamics of Global Mission. Through various projects, he also contributed in forming some foundational pieces for the future of the youth work in PRMI.

Along with learning more about leadership in ministry, Chase was a wonderful part of our community here at the Community of the Cross in Black Mountain, NC. Please pray for Chase as he seeks direction for the next place the Lord is leading.