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The History and Hope of a People Driven by the Holy Spirit: The Dunamis Fellowship International Annual Meeting, 2016

YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly, DFI meeting site

YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly, DFI meeting site

In the midst of a late January snowstorm, members of the Dunamis Fellowship International gathered from all over the world in the mountains of Western North Carolina to worship together, to hear and experience what God is doing through PRMI, to renew their commitment to the ten tenets of the fellowship, and to pray about the direction God would have PRMI take during the coming year. This year the fellowship celebrated the fifty year history of PRMI, both to give thanks for how far we’ve come and to better discern God’s direction for our next fifty years of ministry.

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News from Michigan: Prayer and Provision

by Jay Knoblock

by Jay Knoblock

In early September, I was praying one night and the Spirit of God spoke to me: “Jay, I have given you enough to get by. You have been faithful. In the days ahead, I will give you more.” While I do not covet possessions, they are a blessing and resources are necessary to effectively advance God’s Kingdom. So this was a very encouraging word for me!
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Where Were You?

Do you remember what you were doing last December 29th? Perhaps still recovering from Christmas celebrations or preparing for a New Year’s gathering? I will never forget where I was – in the Edward Jones Dome, former home of the St Louis Rams, watching 16,000 people, mostly college students, praying for the persecuted Church.

James Edward Dome in St Louis, filled with students praying for the persecuted Church

James Edward Dome in St Louis, filled with students praying for the persecuted Church

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Praising God for Impacted Lives

At the end of the year we like to take a breath, look back, and see what God has been doing. We want to share with you, in their own words, how people were impacted by PRMI events throughout this past year.

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Growing the Church in Guelph, ON

by Barb Ferrier

In our post-Christendom culture, Jesus’ church in Canada is in the midst of challenging times. The two denominations which DFC finds most drawn to our ministry–The Christian Reformed Church (CRC) and Presbyterian Church in Canada (PCC)–are both feeling the effects of younger folks leaving the church, articulated well in the 2012 study by the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Hemorrhaging Faith. The PCC is also in a year of study of human sexuality and how it relates to ordination of homosexuals.

In this context it seems more important than ever that congregational leaders learn about and experience the empowering work of the Holy Spirit, learning to listen to His voice and obey.

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What Is the Season?

by Mary Ellen Conners

Vol. 32 December 16th Article 1 photo 1During a time of year when we want to focus on joy, love, peace, and hope, world news seems to keep intruding with “unseasonable” stories of death and destruction. But are these stories really inappropriate to the season? If we look at the Biblical Christmas, we see Jesus born into turbulent times. Herod was a brutal ruler. The Jews were under Roman rule. Jesus’ family soon had to flee to Egypt to avoid massacre. All of this to say that Jesus is not a stranger to troubled times.Vol. 32 Dec 16 article 1 photo 2

The same redeemer that God the Father sent to earth into those troubled times over 2000 years ago is still doing His redemptive work today. More than that, He calls us to join Him in it.

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More News From the Northwest

As we continue a short series on creative ways people have been receiving and using their Dunamis teaching, Annette Gearns and Tamera Brockman share their firsthand experiences of how PRMI’s ministry is empowering and equipping those who encounter it to minister to their neighbors in Washington State.

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Wishing you a Merry Christmas

I give thanks to God for your love, prayers, and support for all the ministries of PRMI that are giving glory to God the Father by exalting Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Wishing you all the blessings of the birth of our savior Jesus Christ  (L to R)   Brad Long, Suzi Gibbs, Jeanne Kraak, Cindy Strickler, Mary Ellen Conners, Chris Walker, Joe Schlosser

Wishing you all the blessings of the birth of our savior Jesus Christ
(L to R) Brad Long, Suzi Gibbs, Jeanne Kraak, Cindy Strickler, Mary Ellen Conners, Chris Walker, Joe Schlosser

We took this picture at our PRMI Ministry staff prayer retreat at the Community of the Cross. We spent a lot of our time together in prayer giving thanks for all of you.

We also looked back at 2015 and marveled at all that God had done to advance His Kingdom. Amazing blessings!

We look forward with great expectation to the New Year and the work of the Kingdom ahead.
Thanks for joining with Jesus Christ in His work!

Here is a quick video. I think I can say these words of thanks to you and giving glory to God for what He has done in 2015 better on video than I can in writing.

Please pray for God the Father to provide all that is needed to finish 2015 well and to prepare for the great adventures ahead in 2016 – your participation, financial gifts, open doors, empowerment, guidance, protection, wisdom, your prayers, everything! All for the Glory of Jesus Christ.
In Christ

Brad Long
Executive Director, PRMI

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News From the Northwest

While at the recent Exousia event in Washington state, PRMI staff were excited to hear about all the ways that the Holy Spirit has been moving in the Pacific Northwest as churches and individuals apply the teaching and equipping they receive from Dunamis events. We asked several people from this region to share their experiences so that the larger fellowship of PRMI can share the excitement, gratitude, and work of prayer for these expressions of the Spirit’s power in the Northwest. Here is the first of a series of articles – look for more in future editions of Moving with the Spirit Online.
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How a Chance Encounter Led to a Conference in Bolivia

It All Started…

It started with a “chance” encounter and a book. At the 2014 PRMI Missions Conference, I met a missionary family from Bolivia. We got to know each other before I returned to Panama where we lived. Two weeks later, I returned to the Community of the Cross for some down time. Coincidentally, the missionary’s brother, Pastor Jose Luis, was in the area with his family, visiting from Bolivia. We tracked each other down. Our families met at the Community of the Cross.
Article 2 photo 1
As we sat on the front porch where a lot of ministry has occurred, chatting away in Spanish, Jose Luis learned about Dunamis. I gave him the only Spanish language book we had in the office: Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit. Our families prayed for each other and they returned to Bolivia with a book in hand.
Article 2 photo 2
Seeds had been sown and began to take root, unbeknownst to me.
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