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At the Community of the Cross …

Team praying at the Community of the Cross

Team praying at the Community of the Cross

Our articles often feature reports from individual PRMI events around the USA and the rest of the world, but you may not know about ministry that happens on an ongoing basis here at the Community of the Cross. Here is a glimpse:

  • We now have a group meeting weekly on Wednesday mornings at 9:00 to pray for each other, for our valley and for anyone who shows up wanting prayer. Feel free to join us anytime.
  • There are often cars in our parking lot that have brought people who walk (alone or along with their friends) and pray on the land. Jesus welcomes many people to meet with Him here. (For those who are praying though our Kingdom Opportunity Prayer Guide this connects with Week 3, Day 3 A Place of Prayer – the Natural Sanctuary of the Land.)
  • Partnership with local churches takes many forms – just this past Saturday we provided some prayer ministry training for a group from iSight Church. They and other churches partner with us through offering manpower, prayer and financial resources for our mission conference – Spiritual Dynamics of Global Mission – which will be held in July this year.
  • We offer prayer ministry appointments which not only allow many people to receive prayer, but also allow others to use their equipping and gifts in ministry. In September we will once again have a whole week during which people can come for 1-4 days to receive healing prayer.

God continues to meet us here at the Community of the Cross – a Place of Encounter with Jesus Christ.

Using What God Has Created To Equip

[The Dunamis Institute periodically offers courses online. Although we lose some of the benefits of an onsite course, it allows us to offer equipping to a geographically dispersed group. Recently we offered an online course on intercession. People from Alaska, California, Kentucky, North Carolina and New Jersey spent time each week watching videos and reading materials in preparation for 3 online meetings where we shared questions, experiences and prayer for each other. We asked one of the attendees, Joel Webb from Chapel by the Lake Presbyterian Church in Juneau, AK, to share about his experience with the course.]

… work out your salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in you to will and to act for his good purpose. – Phillipians 2:12b-13

Using the Internet to Equip the Church

By Joel Webb

Cross overlooking Juneau, Alaska

Cross overlooking Juneau, Alaska

I’m a relative newcomer to PRMI and the Dunamis courses. God in His gracious love for me has used the courses, teachers, and community of the Dunamis Alaska Fellowship to teach me to walk with Him rather than just knowing about Him. Following the “Growing the Kingdom Community” course at Victory Bible Camp (Palmer, Alaska), I felt a personal call to move into intercessory prayer for our church leadership and invited some folks in our church body to do the same.
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Congratulations to DFB&I Fellowship!

DFB&I Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

by Cindy Strickler

Map of Britain & ireland

Map of Britain & ireland

I have just returned from the DFB&I annual meeting in Kings Park, Northampton, UK. This meeting marked the 10th anniversary of the DFB&I and we celebrated by looking back at all the Lord has done in and through the DFB&I over this past decade and praying about the future of the Fellowship.

About 33 people gathered for 4 days. The leadership team invited Andrew Willet, Jon Sermon, Bernard Fidder and Paul Stokes to take us through the 10 Tenets of the DFI, reminding the membership of who they are and what they have committed themselves to fulfill. It was a good exercise for all of us and delegates really enjoyed the teaching. This experience has led me to write up a summary of the tenets to make that available to all the members of the DFI – to be clear. The more we grow and move away from the founding of the Fellowship, the easier it is to forget the basics! No wonder the Father tells us over and over to “remember”.
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Report from South Korea

DFK Launch, Partner in China

by Dr. Brad Long and Rev. John Chang

Participants at the DFK meeting in South Korea

March began with the establishment of the Dunamis Fellowship Korea (DFK). Although the actual event was only two days long, the days surrounding it showed some of the seeds already sown by the Holy Spirit there in South Korea. Following are some of the reports from Brad Long, John Chang and Jidong Shan who traveled to South Korea for the event.
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Dunamis Fellowship International Annual Meeting

Dunamis Fellowship International Annual Meeting
by Cindy Strickler

Allen Kemp, Tom Willcox, Mary Sterenberg, Lydia Lockhart, Phil Noordmans praying at the DFI meeting

Allen Kemp, Tom Willcox, Mary Sterenberg, Lydia Lockhart, Phil Noordmans praying at the DFI meeting

In spite of bad weather predictions and struggles with illness, more than 50 gathered in Black Mountain and we were joined by another 80 over the internet for the annual DFI meeting in Black Mountain, NC. We had representatives from Taiwan to Alaska to the UK to Haiti and across the US and Canada.

We chose to make the DFI more of a prayer and discernment time than usual. We spent less time reporting and more time focused in prayer, using the Prayer Guide for Kingdom Opportunity 2014-2016.
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Kyrgyzstan 2015

Allen and Debbie Kemp

Allen and Debbie Kemp

Pastors Allen and Debbie Kemp, of Father’s Place of Rest ministry in Hampton, VA returned to Kyrgyzstan in January reestablishing a Dunamis track in Bishkek and the Prayer Dunamis in Karakol.

Kyrgyzstan is located in Central Asia, due north of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and south of Kazakhstan and central Russia. It’s 80-90% Muslim with about 300 evangelical Christians in Karakol, a city of 75,000 people high up in the mountains near the western China border, and 4-6,000 Christians in Bishkek, the capital city of about a million people.
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Jesus continues to heal today!

A delightful and meaningful element of the Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ Conference held in Grand Rapids, Michigan, January 21st-24th, was that it is very inter-generational. We had over 30 college students along with 50 older adults. There was such a powerful sense of God’s love flowing throughout the entire community – rejoicing with those who rejoiced and mourning with, and ministering to, those who mourned.
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A Day When Heaven Touched Earth

Mary SterenbergSee this wonderful testimony posted on the Christian Reformed Church web page, written by Mary Sterenberg, one of PRMI’s Board members. A Day when Heaven Touched Earth.

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Prayer Directions for 2015

Brad looking up smallDear friends,
I am looking back over the year of 2014 giving thanks for all the Lord has done to His Glory!  

I also give thanks to you for praying, giving and participating in this worldwide move of the Holy Spirit to which the Father has called us for the purpose of advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

First, I want to report and give praise for $156,103 that was given in December.  While this did not reach our year end goal, we are grateful for what did come in and it is about $27,600 more than what came in December 2013. (This is 15,000 more than originally reported because of the late arrival of a 2014 check!) This is wonderful and we thank all of you for your prayer and support.

In December of 2014 we held a ministry team meeting over a couple of days for prayer and discernment at the Community of the Cross.   We were further favored by the Lord as we praised and thanked Him for all of His blessings of the past year.  That He has used the ministries and people of PRMI to His glory in these magnificent ways is humbling to us.  I’d like to share here a glimpse of God’s amazing grace through two stories of people who experienced the direct impact of this ministry.  Consider what your financial gifts, prayers and friendship have enabled to take place!

Growth in a local church 
“We, the congregation and friends of New Hope Church, were first introduced to the teachings of PRMI through the Ignite series of seminars.  We have since offered the Dunamis courses at our Summer of Studies evening programs and our adult Sunday morning classes.  

“The Scriptures were opened in a way that revealed the nature and working of the Holy Spirit, allowing us to live in the ministry Jesus intended us to do.  Praying by the power of the Holy Spirit has become a part of our Sunday time of worship as people have stepped forward in ministry to become prayer intercessors for the congregation and worship leaders.

“Our focus of ministry will always be on Jesus Christ, but we now rely on the empowering work of the Holy Spirit to accomplish what our Lord would have us be and do for His glory.  It is our hope to continue on this journey with our friends at PRMI by presenting the Growing Your Church curriculum at New Hope.”    (Shared by Rich Zoltak, Elder, New Hope Presbyterian Church, North Huntingdon Beach, PA)

Dunamis Mission
“One Nicaraguan pastor planted a church 9 years ago within months of becoming a Christian himself.  As our team met him the day of an Ignite seminar, he revealed his overwhelming excitement and anticipation that he would receive good teaching on the person and work of the Holy Spirit.  “Teaching ministries don’t come to our town, so I don’t receive good teaching often,” he shared.

“As the Holy Spirit fell upon the crowd of people he had gathered, many experienced a fresh touch of the Father’s love.  During the debriefing, the pastor gathered a team to start planning the next event with Dunamis for 2015.  Over and over again, he expressed his appreciation for solid biblical teaching that can help him pastor his church.”   (Shared by the Rev. Chris Walker, PRMI Ministry Staff and Director of Mission to the Americas.)

Stories like these encourage us by displaying the wonderful fruit of the vision of PRMI.

We want to keep you up-to-date with new stories in Moving with the Spirit Online.  If you are not yet receiving these emailed reports on what the Holy Spirit is doing through the ministries of PRMI, please sign up for the online newsletter at   

How to pray with us in 2015

We believe that our God is giving some guidance and opening some doors to PRMI heading into 2015.  We bring these leadings to you for prayer first, as well as to welcome any guidance and discernment you may receive. We are so involved in looking at these issues, so close to them, that we know how necessary it is to hear from you, our committed prayer partners, who have some distance to help discern the Lord’s way ahead for PRMI.

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