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Messianic Jewish Tikkun Conference 2015

Report on Messianic Jewish Tikkun Conference 2015

by Doug McMurry

Attendees at Tikkum Conference 2015

Attendees at Tikkun Conference 2015

This conference for Messianic Jews is an annual opportunity for people from Tikkun-related congregations to celebrate what God is doing among Messianic Jews. It is strongly Spirit-filled and Spirit-led and international in scope, like PRMI. The top picture shows that the hotel ballroom was filled, and I believe there were more people than the previous two conferences. The healthy growth comes from a mature group of leaders who have been together for many years. Read More →

5 Principles of Growing Anointed Leaders

On our recent mission trip to Taiwan, we learned some lessons of how to grow others in anointed leadership that I want to pass on to all of you. These principles apply to many situations whether you are trying to grow a prayer group, a congregation or a whole movement. I want to convey these to you by using this equipping event in Taiwan as the practical example.

1. Building trust and a common foundation in following Jesus Christ so that the Holy Spirit will have the relationship bridges over which to transfer information, vision, as well as the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

We really did not know this Christian Women’s Corps at all. We had met a few of their leaders in 2014 when they came to Taichung to check us out. John Chang had met with them while in Taiwan for his mother’s funeral last January. When we first arrived in Taiwan they showered us with hospitality. In Taiwan the love language is giving you 15 course feasts! It was there around the table that we started to develop trust and relationships with the CWC leadership team. It was wonderful! They chose a traditional Taiwanese dinner the first night which was truly an expression of their heart. If you are going to build trust you must be able to not just read but receive their love language and when working cross- culturally that can mean eating some things that you would not usually eat. Every night we were there we would have supper with the team and each time we met the relationships and trust grew. They lavished upon us some of the best meals that I have ever had.

One evening the husband of one of the leaders was in attendance and as he was sharing some prayer requests and moving into prayer, we had a significant Kairos moment. To honor confidentiality I will not go into details but let’s say that Mary Ellen was the one who discerned this moment and we moved from polite conversation and general prayers into an in-depth engagement with the Holy Spirit. All this sharing meals and having fellowship was critical for what the Lord was doing. It provided the relational bridge for us from America and the CWC leadership team in Taiwan to become one team through which we could start to listen to the Holy Spirit and work together. Read More →

The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Christian Women’s Corps in Taiwan

Jidong Shan and Cindy Strickler joined Brad Long and John Chang in the teaching

Jidong Shan and Cindy Strickler joined Brad Long and John Chang in the teaching

Was I really called to go all the way to Taiwan to spend a week with a Christian Women’s club teaching them about the work of the Holy Spirit? It just did not seem to be in the flow of God’s call upon me to advance the Kingdom of God. But with these doubts plaguing me, I went anyway. And of course, consistent with our core PRMI approach, went with a team. The Rev. Cindy Strickler and Dr. Jidong Shan shared with Rev. John Chang and me in the teaching. We were joined by Mary Ellen Conners and Eddie Lee who provided the intercessory prayer support. Mary Ellen would also be teaching on intercessory prayer. There was almost no prayer support on site in Taiwan as this was a new group for us, but we were walking in faith and obedience through what looked like an open door.

We really did not know what we were getting into! We had been told that there were number of the ladies who actually did not speak Chinese, only English. So this would need to be a completely bi-lingual event. Read More →

Is God’s Kingdom Making Progress

Is God’s Kingdom Making Progress in the Church and the World?

By Brad Long

It is easy to get discouraged about the state of the Church these days. At the same time I am constantly hearing reports from people involved in PRMI’s ministries that there are wonderful moves of the Holy Spirit taking place and that there is great hunger. People are saying things like, “This is the best Dunamis we have ever attended… God did more than ever before.” Read More →

The Urgency of Pentecost

Prayer Letter, to PRMI Board of Directors, intercessors and all who are called by Jesus Christ.

The Urgency of Pentecost

We need an Outpouring of the Holy Spirit in 2015.

El Greco's Pentecost, the Holy Spirit falling upon Jesus' first disciples

El Greco’s Pentecost, the Holy Spirit falling upon Jesus’ first disciples

Each year Pentecost needs to be more than just a day in the Church calendar. Each year this is an opportunity to pray for and to receive anew the empowering gift-giving work of the Holy Spirit for defeating evil, growing the Church and advancing the Kingdom of God. For Christians to be empowered witnesses to Jesus Christ, Acts 1:4-8, cannot just be the remembrance of an historical event! It must be an ongoing reality.

What does this empowering work look like?

This past week, one of our staff prayed with a young woman who sees the lostness of the people around her. She does not know how even to start a conversation with them about Jesus. We prayed that she would be filled with the Holy Spirit and that He would empower her to hear and see people’s area of need, then be able to share how Jesus can fill it. What about you?

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Spring Harvest Report

Meeting the Thirst at Spring Harvest

by Paul Stokes

Standing room only in the seminar room, and people turned away from receiving prayer because the room was dangerously overcrowded … just two memorable moments from our involvement in Spring Harvest!

Spring Harvest

Immediately after Easter, Cindy Strickler and I taught seminars and led prayer sessions at Spring Harvest, one of the largest Christian events in England. The event was entitled “Immeasurably More” and based around the wonderful affirmation in Ephesians 3:14-21. Read More →

Ignite! Expands to Listening Evangelism

Ignite! Expands to Listening Evangelism

By Jeanne Kraak and Rod Pinder

PRMI has added another Ignite event! A few weeks ago we piloted an event on Listening Evangelism. The following report about that weekend is from Rev. Rod Pinder, the pastor of Woodbury Presbyterian Church in Orlando, FL.

“Our Ignite! event last week-end was wonderful. Nearly 80 people participated. Most of them were from Woodbury but people from other churches, most notably Cornerstone Presbyterian Church in St. Petersburg FL, shared this terrific occasion with us. Read More →

In Memory of George Smith and Arthur Horton

George Smith and Arthur Horton – Moving to the Father’s Mansions

by Mary Ellen Conners

Jesus said, “In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.”

In the past couple of months, two of our dear friends have gone to join Jesus in His Father’s house.

George Smith and Arthur Horton were not only builders of physical buildings, they were also fishers of men. Read More →

A Milestone: The First Growing the Church Conference in Nicaragua

One pastor in a small Nicaraguan town that we have never visited  got word that our small team was coming to Nicaragua in March of 2015.

He heard we would teach a conference using the material in the book Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit: Seven Principles of Dynamic Cooperation.


He had heard about the book from his brother, who is a pastor we work with in Nicaragua.

You’ll be surprised by what he did next. . .  Read More →

Prayer Strategy Overview